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 Q. Squadrons short of players on game day.

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PostSubject: Q. Squadrons short of players on game day.   Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:47 am

Squadrons that for some reason find themselves short of players may be offered 6 options:

1. A Squadron may forfeit at any time.

2. The game will be rescheduled, only if all 4 CAGS agree.

3. Both Squadrons involved in the current game may play a 2v game. Both CAGS must agree.

4. The Squadron short may borrow a player from either the Rec or Squadron League. The opposing CAG and the Chief must agree that this player is suitable. Experience, fitness and whether the player is of a similar standard must be considered. If the player is from a Squadron, the CAG of the Squadron of the borrowed player must also agree.

5. The game will be played with the available players. Eg: 3v2.

6. If no option can be agree upon, the game will be played 3v2.
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Q. Squadrons short of players on game day.
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