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 I. Restricted Zone

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PostSubject: I. Restricted Zone   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:33 pm

The “Restricted Zone” is a 1.5 metre zone out from the “No Go Zone” near board “A”.

In the 3 and 2 player variant, only 2 players from the attacking team and 1 from the defensive team may enter the “Restricted Zone” the other players from each team must stay behind the line or a “Minor Foul” (Off Side) will be called. In a “1” player game, so long as the attacking player has possession of the ball, the defensive player ‘may not’ enter the “Restricted Zone”. If the attacking player throws the ball into the “Restricted Zone” it is then permissible for the defensive player to enter the “Restricted Zone” to chase the ball. If the attacking player regains possession then the defensive player must leave the “Restricted Zone”.
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I. Restricted Zone
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