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 E. Restarting play

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PostSubject: E. Restarting play   Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:13 pm

After a team has scored, or a change of possession has been awarded due to an “Error” or “Foul”, or the ball has gone “Out of Bounds” the game must be “Restarted”. One player from the team with possession starts from the “T” before “Loading” the ball off either the ‘D’ or ‘C’ Boards. Players do not need to “Ground” the ball at this time.

The "XO" will blow a whistle before the player can continue play. If the player releases the ball or leaves the “T” before the whistle has blown, a "Minor Foul" (Premature Restart) will be called and the other team gets the "Restart" instead.
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E. Restarting play
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