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 X. Rule changes to trial next game day.

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X. Rule changes to trial next game day. Empty
PostSubject: X. Rule changes to trial next game day.   X. Rule changes to trial next game day. I_icon_minitimeFri May 21, 2010 2:48 pm

1) 2v:

a. 1 step instead of 2 steps.

2) 1v:

a. 2 steps instead of 3 steps.
b. No defense in Restricted Zone.
c. No restriction on starting position.

3) XO’s hand signals: To be accompanied by normal whistle blows.
a. Pushing = 2 hands pushing away from body
b. Holding = 1 hand grasps the other at the wrist
c. Travel = 2 hands circular motion over each other
d. Charging = 1 closed fist hits open palm.
e. No Points = flat hand waved side to side horizontally
f. Successful scoring shot = One thumb up
g. Board contact = XO slaps board
h. Out of Bounds = 1 hand points “out”. Hand out and vertical.
i. Still In Play = 1 hand points “in”. If the XO clearly sees it is in. Hand out and vertical.
j. Unsure = No hand signal if the XO is not sure.
i. These out of bounds signals should help the players and the other XOs in determining what has occurred during close calls.
ii. Play continues until a whistle is blown.
k. Time Out = T shape with both hands.


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X. Rule changes to trial next game day.
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